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We empower institutions to win the battle of digital war room to identify broken processes to ensure compliance and improve operational costs and the customer experience. Given to understand the difficulties for institutions and enterprise to improve their operational efficiencies when they’re crippled by lack of insight and inability to monitor processes. Our team of engineers have made a complicated process mining concept that was considered hi-tech expensive technology into a business-critical tool that allows users to immediately dive into analysis without needing to code anything “MarkingMARKS platform is truly innovative and addresses an important need as institution seek to continuously and intelligently discover bottlenecks and improve upon highly dynamic, complex digital processes.”

An Intelligent built-in OMR engine that converts an ordinary image scanner into a high performance Hybrid Scanner. As the forms pass through the scanner in real-time,the scanner captures data, barcode and the colour image. The engine also detects and displays errors and duplicate images automatically.It also rectifies upside down images and extracts the data accurately.

MarkOSM technology is designed to meet the unique digital evaluation requirements of pen & paper based examinations for esteemed schools, colleges and universities to deliver tangible benefits and value additions.

World’s best known brands never can be compromised so is the technology that comes with it as cost effective OMR solutions we recommend supreme and efficient scanner models, time tested with proven quality output.

We provide simple and easy to use softwares for all OMR related solutions. All of our softwares are user friendly, easy to learn, fast to set up. The softwares we have developed are all well tested, used in a lot of projects and being improved everyday. Softwares have been made for every OMR soltuion required.

The softwares we develop can be used for various Exam related solutions. The softwares here range from quetion paper analysis tools to question bank softwares. All easy to use and fast to setup. These softwares were developed with the thought of making the process and results of examiations much easier.

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