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MarksPrint - VDP (Variable Data Printing) - Overprinting Tools

MarksPrint is a Variable Data Printing Tool, which can be customized for the user’s need. MarksPrint can be customized to overprint variable data from DB on pre-printed stationery items like Hall Tickets (Admit Cards), Nominal Roll, Attendance Sheets, Foil Cards, Award & Fly Slips, Personalized OMR Answer Sheets, Marks Cards & Degree Certificates etc. It can also be customized to print Photographs, Signatures from image clips, to print Barcodes etc… MarksPrint can be customized depending on the customer needs.

MarksQPA - A Question Paper Analysis tool

MarksQPA is a tiny Question Paper Analysis tool for Objective type exam papers (OMR) to asses quality of questions such as easy to difficult. After the scoring of OMR Answer sheets, the Question paper can be analyzed questionwise and the statistics of each question can be obtained using this tool to categorize each question. The tool can be used for Subjectwise, Version wise (Setcodes) question papers too.

MarksAsset – Asset Maintenance Software

MarksAsset is a powerful asset maintenance software tool suitable for maintaining office internal assets like Laptops, Scanners, Systems, Printers etc.. with their whereabouts (locations). MarksAsset has facility to create master data and to maintain the asset movement and AMC. It provides MIS reports like Locationwise /Itemwise asset details, Delivery Challan etc..

MarksFlow - OSM / Booklet Digitization - Workflow Tools

MarksFlow is a proven and powerful workflow tool(s) for various pre & Post examination and evaluation process. There are various versions of MarksFlow workflow tools available for different scenario such as suitable for Booklet Digitization, suitable for scanning and digitization of subjective answer booklets for Photocopies and On Screen Marking (Digital Valuations) and suitable for high volume answer sheets scanning. MarksFlow comes with modules for various stages such as Inward, Cutting, Scanning and Stapling. It has Counting, QC and Reports features.

MarksQBank - Question Bank Software

MarksQBank is a Question Bank software tool. The questions can be injected into Qbank software DB and the question paper can be set and generated from the added questions of MarksQBank. The question paper can be set/generated either automatically (Randomly) or Manually by choosing questions. The question parameters like question, choices, key answer, difficulty level can also be set and the question paper parameter to set the question paper like number of sections, number of questions in each section, marks of each question, total marks, title etc… can also be set using the tool.

MarksRChk - OMR Answer Sheet Score - Random Checking Tool

MarksRChk is a tool that can be used to do random checking process after scoring OMR Answer Sheets. It is one of the important stage in SOP of OMR Answer Sheets Processing, where after scoring, the marks scored using computer system programs are verified randomly – Subjectwise, Version/Setcode wise – with the manual scoring to confirm that the computer scoring is correct and there is no error in scoring program as well as in data capturing. In this random checking process, the Questionwise key answer along with corresponding data of the Candidate Answer Sheet are printed with the Image of the Answer sheets and the Total Marks scored for the easy manual verifications. MarksRChk is the tool created for this task.

Marks3Part - Subjective Answer Booklet - 3 Part Processing Tool

Marks3Part is a 3 Part Processing software for subjective booklet evaluation and data capture process. Subjective booklet will have physical OMR wrapper sheet stitched on top of each booklet. The OMR wrapper sheet will generally be divided into 3 parts as (1) Student’s Roll Number OMR Portion - sometimes called as Fly Slip part, (2) Marks OMR Portion – sometimes called as Award Sheet Part, (3) the third portion will be book portion intact with the booklet after processing to identify the booklet. All the 3 parts will be having link barcodes having same values and unique to each answer booklet. The Fly Slip and Award Slip will generally be detachable for scanning them separately and to capture the OMR data. Then the captured data will be merged using the Link barcode values to arrive the Roll number, Subject code, Marks allotted by the evaluator with the images. Marks3Part is the software very much suitable for this kind of processing.

MarksCBT - Online Exam - Computer based Online Objective Test

MarksCBT is a Computer Based online Testing software using which any online objective test can be conducted. The assigned numbers of objective type questions (Multiple Choice Questions) will be displayed with the corresponding types of choices as question paper after the candidate logs in. Once the candidate finishes answering all his questions, he can submit it to know his result. The login credentials as well as the objective questions shall be loaded from the DB according to the configuration made. MarksCBT can be customized according to the client requirements.

MarksCounsel - Counselling Software tool

MarksCounsel is Allotment software based on Vacancy seat matrix. It is a powerful counselling software having features like counter based allotments, live category wise vacancy and filled details screen(s) for projector display, Allotment letter (Provisional / Final) printing etc.. based on the input Rank list and seat matrix. Various MIS reports related to counselling can also be stored.

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